Tips for bath time with your newborn

Bath time can be a nerve racking time for a first time parent, or if it has been a while.  Here you will find a list of tips to help make bath time as stress free and peaceful experience as possible.

Bath Temperature 

A baby bath should be around 37 degrees celsius.  If you don't a thermometer the easiest way to check is by putting your elbow into the water instead of your hand.  It should feel neither hot nor cold.  

Baby Bath or Bath Tub

Both of these will do the same job in the end, but it comes down to personal preference.  A baby bath takes less time and water to fill and can be placed safely on a table top (like a dining table) to prevent hurting your back from bending over (which can be great for those who have had a cesarean).  However, it also means you need be able to carry a baby bath full of water between where you are bathing them and where you are filling up/emptying the baby bath.  A bath tub is great as it means not needing to store a baby bath and also they won't outgrow the bath tub any time soon.  However, it can be difficult to lean over the bath. 

Bath Seat

Regardless of whether you use a baby bath or bath tub, I highly recommend investing in a baby bath seat.  It will save you from trying to hold your baby with one arm while washing them with the other all while in an awkward position because you're trying to lean over the baby bath or bath tub side to keep bubs in the water.  It will also save your back from a lot of pain, which trust me you don't want back pain when you have a newborn to care for.  

Startle Reflex

The best way to help your baby to relax and enjoy bath time with startle reflex, is to have 2 face washers on hand.  One face washer will be used to gently clean your baby, the other face washer you need to wet it in the warm bath water and place it over your babies tummy, hands and arms.  It will help to keep them warm while also helping them to relax and minimise the startle reflex. 

Be Prepared

When you're getting ready for bath time, aside from having the baby wash with you, be ready for the after bath time.  By having everything you need with you and ready at hand it will make for a smoother and less stressful time.  Be sure to have the baby creams or oils you may massage onto your bubs after the bath ready, as well as having the towel, nappy and clean clothes at hand.