Tips and Twins

Pre-Make Meals

If you have the time and energy set aside a day to premake meals.  When having a newborn it can be hard to find time to do things… but having twins, well you have even less time.  Having some premade meals in the freezer is a great way to help ensure you are still feeding yourself and caring for yourself after your babies are born.  It is important to eat well and to take care of yourself, you will be using a lot of energy looking after your babies (especially if you decide to breastfeed), and your health is important.
Handy tip: Have healthy snacks on hand too and be sure to drink plenty of water especially if you decide to breastfeed with twins!


Babies grow quickly and it is not uncommon for newborns and babies to have spit-ups and poo explosions.  Be sure to have plenty of clothes on hand in lots of sizes.  One day you will wake up and they will have grown.  Some days you may need 6 outfits before you leave the house at 9am.  It’s not easy keeping on top of washing with a baby so if you get offered a box of hand-me-downs, take it.  It will be good to have on hand, even as a backup or just in case.


You will hear people tell you “sleep when the babies sleep”, this is easier said than done.  With a baby at home you will always have something to do like washing, cooking and cleaning… but leave it and go lie down.  Even if you can’t sleep, be sure you still lay down and rest.  Remember you will be waking throughout the night for not just one baby but two babies, to feed and change and put back to sleep.  You will probably have people tell you stories about how they hardly slept with their newborn… will most likely they only had one and still had many sleepless nights, but you will have TWO!  So put your feet up when you can and rest.

Nappies and Wipes

You will go through LOTS of nappies and wipes… so when they are on special buy more than one and buy in bulk if you can. Nappies and wipes don’t go off, and if they do you will definitely go through them before they do!  You will go through approximately 2 boxes of nappies and about 6 packs of wipes a week! 

Ask for and Accept Help

Friends and family will offer you help from watching your babies so you can sleep, to cooking and cleaning for you… say YES!  If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed ask for help, there is no shame in needing help.  Asking for help is something many of us struggle with, I believe it’s a pride thing… but swallow your pride and ASK! If the first person you ask can’t help, that’s okay, ask someone else.  It will benefit your mental health immensely to ask for and accept help, even if you don’t feel you need it.  Just having an adult around to talk to can be helpful.